Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Bill Clark story is making it around the country with Lane Jensen connection

Bill Clark saves toddler
The mainstream media is picking up on this story so much so that Mr Clark is apparently going to be interviewed on CNN tonight.

It's interesting because Trimet is footing the bill for Mr Clark to get to the network affiliate via Limo. 

Why else  is this interesting other than its getting national attention?  Because there is an apparent LANE JENSEN connection regarding the Limo transport.

This quote comes from a document about Mr Clarks transport services;

Got a call from XXXXXX at XXXXX Transportation around 5:30PM asking if we could do a ride at 7:15pm. Got XXXX limo to cover it, everyone else was booked up. Anyways, got a call around 6:20pm saying that they don't want ME (Lane Jensen) driving the car. I informed XXXX that I would not be driving, I'm part of the office. Come to find out, the passenger is a TriMet bus driver who saved a toddler from the middle of a road in Gresham. After further questioning, I found out that XXXX was told NOT to use XXXXX because of me. After he told TriMet that the only option he had was XXX, that as long as I wasn't the driver, it was okay.
Lane Jensen not invited

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