Friday, May 23, 2014

For ATU 757’s Final Offer Costing Spreadsheet:


rocketman said...

So it seems according to page 9, we will not get our benefit money which Trimet owes us from 2012, thank you ATU for deciding how you should spend MY money, wages which were taken from ME. How dare you take bread from my table. Who in HELL do you think you are working for? TRIMET !!!!! I have a few words for Bruce but I'll wait till I see him face to face. Do you know we gave up our pay increases for our benefits. Its time for a walk out or sick week.

Al M said...

Not sure what Trimet actually owes us from 2012.
They still owe us from 2009 and continue to defy the court order

Unknown said...

you can always show up at a union meeting an express you're views, I'm sure he would love to hear what you have to say.