Monday, May 19, 2014

Organized fare evaders beating the system in Sweden

Every transit network has its fare beaters, the riders who view payment as either optional or prohibitively expensive. Many cities, most notably New York, view turnstile-jumpers as a top policing priority, reasoning that scofflaws might graduate to more serious crimes if left alone.
But in Stockholm, the offenders seem to have defeated the system.
For over a decade, Mr. Tengblad has belonged to a group known as (rough translation: “”), an organization with only two prerequisites for admission: Members must pay a monthly fee of about $15 and, as part of a continuous demonstration against the fare, promise to evade payment every time they ride. If travelers keep their side of the agreement, the group will cover any of the roughly $180 fines that might result. (An unlimited ride pass for 30 days costs about $120.)
The group’s efficiency in evasion has created an enviable business model. Last year, the group took in more than twice as much money — more than $7,500 per month — as it paid out in fines, organizers said.  Fare Dodging Is an Organized Rebellion in Stockholm, and It’s Winning -

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Nonpartisantoo said...

This would be even easier to accomplish in Portland. Just sayin' . . . (not that I would advocate for something like that . . .)