Sunday, May 18, 2014

Phony cell phone tickets appearing

Very reliable sources report that there have been several 'busts' for phony Globesherpa tickets.
That didn't take long.


Anonymous said...

Alls they gotta do is screen shot it, keep it in photos and waa laa.

Max said...

Little but trickier than that, but not much - the graphic is animated and there's a day code.

Still I bet some motivated software guy could hack this together in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Like other types of fare they 'flash' em at you. You wanna have a fare dispute ask them to come back up and reshow it.

Al M said...

I understand a GIF image has been perfected

Anonymous said...

Amazing how management will stop at nothing to save pennies on benefits and wadges and will allow millions to walk on by everyday with out any guilt or shame, just impatient anticipation of the next bonuses and pay raises.