Saturday, May 24, 2014

Comment worthy of its own post

1 Secret raises
2 not bargaining in good faith
3 lying to the public
4 cronyism
5 unfunded pensions
6 exaggerated health care cost
7 unsafe equipment
8 out of control spending
9 Fred Hansens pension
10 no community over site
11 retaliation against OPAL
12 the people voted Kirk Reeves
13 operator assaults
14 the people said no more Max
15 Max unreliable
16 poor bus scheduling
17 serious unsafe 3000 series busses
18 Harry Saporta
19 broken expensive radio system
20 fraudulent complaints against operators
21 Roberta Alsdadts lies against Lane Jensen
22 Tri Met police seizing Lane Jensens computer
23 Gestapo tactics used against Lane Jensen to shut him up.
24 no recovery time for operators
25 most expensive fares in the country
26 Went from being number one to being number 10 under the leadership of Neil McFarlane
27 Urban renewal debt
28 Wasted money on stupid art like the life boats on 17th. Affectionately referred to as Neils dingy's.
29 A governor who is sleeping at the helm who could have resolve many issues.
30 the stupid union that gave the sleepy governor $1000 in January
31 The secretary of states audit that sugar coated the problems.
32 Oregonian Editorial Board and Pamplin Propaganda News Papers spreading there seeds of destructive bias lies impregnating readers with their narrow minded and negative view points against good hard working union women and men
33 Joe Rose their bastard child

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The truth will set you free. Show solidarity and stay strong ATU members!