Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While the errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

#88 Line 88 to Beaverton Transit Center:Regular route to Lombard and Canyon, right Farmington, left 217th north entrance, exit Canyon Road, left Canyon, right Lombard and regular route.
[How do you turn onto Farmington at Lombard and Canyon? Also, it should really be "right Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy" as Farmington ends at Lombard, and not "exit Canyon Road" as the Beaverton-Hillsdale ramp goes directly to Canyon and not directly onto the highway]

#52 Line 52 the stop at Farmington and Murray to Beaverton Transit Center is NOT to be serviced during this detour Thank you.

#21 Line 21 to Gresham: Regular route to Sandy and 122nd then right 122nd, left Halsey, right Sandy and regular route until further notice.
#21 Line 21 to Parkrose: Regular route to Sandy and 144th then left 144th, right Halsey, right 122nd, left Sandy and regular route until further notice.
[those won't directly work as 122nd goes under Sandy and doesn't intersect it]
#21 Line 21 to Gresham: Regular route to Sandy and 121st then right 121st, left Halsey, left 148th, right Sandy and regular route until further notice.
[that won't work either as 121st doesn't go through to Halsey]

#29 #30 #79 #152 Line 29,30,79,152 leaving Town Center: 9/3 & 9/4 7:00am-5:00pm Regular route to the stop sign in front of the movies. right stop sign left Monterey left 82nd and regular route.

#9 Line 9 Caution at 17th and Powell outbound Eastbound due to rollover on the Westbound side.
[I would think that the concrete divider through the area would keep it to one side but maybe not]

#9 Line 9 to Portland: Regular route to Powell and Freeway then right Freeway to Division St, left Division, left 82nd, right Powell and regular route. until further notice.
[It seems "I-205" would be better than "Freeway"]

#11 Due to a blocking accident, Line 11 is disrupted in the area of N. Lombard and Ramsey. Trips from Middlefield Rd will turn around at the blockage and return to Middlefield Rd. Trips from St. Johns will travel to Oregon Steel Mill then return to St. Johns until N. Lombard clears. No service to stops in the area of the blockage on N Lombard at Ramsey and at 13200 N. Lombard.
[good details there]

#14 Line 14: Operators, Please use caution in the area of 50th and Woodward due to a car accident. Slow order, 20 mph, in effect until further notice.

#51 No service to the stop on SW King at Salmon between 8 am and 5 pm through Saturday September 20. Use stop on Park at King.
[should really be through the 19th as Line 51 doesn't run on Saturdays]

#35 Line 35 to Portland: Regular route to State and A continue State, left A, right 5th, right B, right 4th and regular route.
[can't turn on A after continuing past A]

#36 Line 36 to Tualatin P and right : Regular route to State and B continue State, right A, right 5th, right B, right 4th and regular route.
[not sure it should have been given out because at the time (morning) Line 36 would have been starting in Lake Oswego and not be affected]

#154 Line 154 back to regular route Blankenship area.
[this was sent on a Saturday when Line 154 doesn't run]

#21 Line 21 to Parkrose Regular route to Sandy and 12st Place then left 121st Place, right Prescott, right 112th, left Sandy and regular route. Until clear of police action.
[shoudn't be "12st Place"]

#16 Line 16: detour due to Blocking train: To POrtland, Regular route to Naito and 9th right 9th left Northrup Veer right Station Way, left Irving, right 5th, left Everett right Naito then regular route routing.
#16 Line 16 detour to St. Johns and Sauvie Island: Regular route to 6th and NW. Everett continue 6th, continue Station Way, Veer left Northrup right 9th left Naito Parkway Then regular route routing.
[a figure 8; hope riders waiting on Everett were out there in time as they had to board on the inbound trip]

#32 Line 32 to CCC detour: Regular route to Main and 14th, right 14th, right John Adams, left 11th, left Washington and regular route.
[should be "right 11th"]

#70 Line 70 is back to regular route- crossing arms seem to have gone back into "normal" mode...

#19 Line 19 Continue Rex loop detour 7:00am to 7:00pm today.
[hope people know what that is]

#70 Line 70 is not servicing 13th ave in sellwood due to a injury accident until further notice, Line 70 if you have a 13th ave trip just use 17th, thank you.

MAX Yellow Line trains are delayed due to an earlier auto and train collision at N Interstate near Russell. Riders should expect delays until 7 p.m.
[then about 10 minutes later:]
MAX Yellow Line trains are delayed due to an earlier auto and train collision at N Interstate and Going. Riders should expect delays until 7 p.m.
[where there two of them?]

#32 line 32 outbound - Regular route to 7th and Washington, continue Washington, left 7th, left John Adams, right 13th, left Jackson, & Regular route inbound: Regular route to 13th and Jackson, right 13th, left John Adams, right 7th, right Washington, to 7th, & Regular route UNTIL: 4 pm.
#32 line 32 outbound - Regular route to 7th and Washington, continue Washington, left 7th, left John Adams , right 9th, left JQ Adams, right 13th, left Jackson, & Regular route UNTIL: 1p.
[should be "9th and Washington" and "to 9th"]

#96 LINE 96 Northbound ONLY - I-5 is blocked down to 1st lane at Taylors Ferry - please use the Barbur Blvd detour for the remainder of the morning.

#57 Line 57 to Beaverton Transit Center detour: Regular route to Oak and Dennis, continue Oak, left 2nd and Regular route until further notice
[should really have "right Washington" at the end]

#24 Line 24:Regular route to Halsey and 92nd, continue Halsey, left Jonesmore, right 82nd, left Fremont and regular route, until further notice.
#24 Line 24:Regular route Fremont and 82nd, right 82nd, left Jonesmore, veer right into Halsey continue Halsey to 92nd and regular route, until further notice.
[should really say which is for which direction]

#34 Line 34 detoured to Oregon City: regular route to Portland ave and Berkeley, left Beatrice ave, right Arlington and regular route until 5:00pm.
[How do you turn onto Beatrice at Berkeley?]

#32 Line 32 Operators, at 9th and Jackson in Oregon City, you will be regular route. You will be bumped through.

#19 From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Thursday, for Rex Loop trips only, no service to SE 32nd & Tolman and SE 32nd & Woodstock in both directions, due to construction.
[I would write "Monday through Thursday and only for trips serving 32nd and Rex", as "Rex Loop" is informal/internal]

WES Commuter Rail service is delayed due to a collision. Plan extra travel time.
[this was sent after morning service was scheduled to have ended; tweet here and RSS entry here]

#35 #36 Lines 35 & 36. Please start your reroutes at State and "B" now at 07:25. The road closed early. detour is on your hardcopy detour in your pouches. thanks.

#38 No service to stops on Kerr Pkwy at The Grotto, or at Boones Ferry Rd. Buses detour via McNary, due to construction. Use temporary stop on Boones Ferry at Kerr.
[McNary is also part of the regular route]

#35 Line 35 - Ramps Mcloughlin Northbound to I-205 Southbound Closed.Go Northbound 205th to Gladstone Exit then Southbound 205th to 10th exit then 205th Northbound to WIllamette and LO exit and Regular route.

#76 #78 Lines 76/78 please make sure to service the 88th stop on Lombard while on detour Thanks.

#21 Line 21 due to construction please use Airport Way between 158-181, both directions.
[how do you do that?]

#35 #36 LINE 35 & 36: the detour TIME in Lake Oswego has been changed to 8a.

#4 Line 4 buses are back to regular route in St. JOhns and on Fremont at 19:27, thank you :)

#21 Line 21: Eastbound to Gresham; Regular route to Sandy and 158th, left 158th, right Airport, right 181st, left Sandy and regular route. Reverse for inbound. until further notice.
[should not be "right 181st" as Airport Way goes to Sandy Blvd]

#17 Line 17 Northbound: regular route to 27th & Alberta, right Alberta, left 30th, left Killingsworth, left 27th and regular route Until clear.
[should be "right 27th"]

#15 Line 15 there is a stalled truck 15th and Multnomah blocking part of the turn use caution.
[Line 15 doesn't go on Multnomah]

#78 No service on Kerr Parkway between McNary and Boones Ferry Rd until further notice. Buses will use McNary. For trips to Beaverton TC, use the stop at Kerr Parkway & McNary. For trips to Lake Oswego, use the stop at Kerr Parkway & Tanglewood.
[should say which of the two Kerr and McNary intersections]

#6 Line 6 Southbound: regular route to Vancouver Way & Vancouver, left Vancouver, left Columbia, right MLK & regular route Until further notice.
[should be "to Vancouver Way and MLK ramp, continue Vancouver Way, left Vancouver"]

#14 update at 6:40p line 14 pls continue your Hawthorne Street Fair detour on until further notice. It is not clear yet.

#76 #78 No service to stops on SW Watson at 1st or 5th. Use stops on Main at 2nd or 5th.
[it sounds like there are regular stops on Main, which there are not]

#76 #78 Line 76/78: regular route to Farmington & Watson, continue Farmington, left Main, left 7th, right Watson & regular route Until clear.
[should be "right Farmington" and give which direction]

#72 update LINE 72 Northbound: Regular route to 82nd and Tillamook, right Tillamook, left 92nd, left Russell, Drive, right 82nd, & Regular route.

#76 #78 Line 76/78 to Beaverton Transit Center From current detour at HIdalgo & 49th right 49th, left Capitol Hwy left Lesser Road left G St. right A St. and regular route.

#76 #78 Line 76/78 to Lake Oswego Transit Center: Regular route to "G" T. & Main exit PCC continue G St. right Lesser Road right 49th left Hildalgo, continue current detour on Hidalgo.

#66 #75 #77 Elevators at Hollywood TC are not working. MAX shuttle buses continue to 60th for passengers requiring elevators.
[I was hoping for something to happen at 60th so that station wouldn't work either]

#77 Line 77 Eastbound ONLY: Regular route to 9th and Multnomah, right 9th, left Holladay, to 11th then look 4th right Sup. at 11th for further instructions.
[to pick up MAX riders during derailment]

#9 Line 9 to Gresham Regular route to Powell and 182nd then left 18nd, right Division, right Roberts, left 10th into Gresham Transit Center. until end of service.

#14 Line 14: The eastbound stop at Foster and Powell will be closed for about 45 minutes while the cleaners clean the shelter. Please watch for passengers.
[if the stop is closed, shouldn't passengers not be there?]

#78 Line 78 use the Hidalgo detour for Kerr that you have in your pouches - flaggers WILL get you through - EXPECT delays until further notice.

#45 #93 #94 Stop Closed for lines 45, 93 and 94 inbound Main and Maple wood until clear aprox 3:00pm.
[technically Line 45 is not going in the same direction as Lines 93 and 94]

Elevator service at NE 60th MAX station has been restored.

Elevators at NE 60th MAX station are not working. Maintenance has been notified.
[Where are all of them? I just know of one]

#44 #78 Reminder for lines 44 and 78 your PCC one day detour does not start until 9:00am this morning.

#29 #32 #33 #34 #99 Lines 29, 32,33, 34 & 99 buses are authorized to use the Monroe detour early that normally starts at 7 am due to cones in the intersection of 21st and Monroe.

#4 #24 routes 4, 24 on Fremont between Williams & Vancouver there is a cyclone fence blocking the construction area. Use caution when going thru that area.

#93 #94 LINES 93/94: the right turn lane at the south entrance to Main St in Tigd is CLOSED. Please make the turn from the "center" lane instead.

MAX Blue, Red and Green lines experiencing some additional delays due to an earlier Steel Bridge lift.
[should have been "Yellow" and not "Green" (was during Lloyd District disruption)]

#20 Line 20 is BACK TO Regular route AS OF 10:42 - please use the left lane Westbound only between 6th and Broadway until further notice.

WES trains are slowing to no more than 30 mph for the evening commute due to the extreme temperatures, per Portland & Western Railroad policy. Expect delays.

#15 Line 15 Stop Closed west bound on Stark at 92nd. temporary stop and short line layover near side 91st until further notice all hours all days.

#4 Line 4 To Portland: Regular route to Lombard & Richmond left Richmond into Lombard right Greeley left Rosa Parks Way And resume regular route.
[huge detour that misses much of that half of the route, Line 4 doesn't go to Lombard & Richmond heading towards Portland, and should say "right Albina" at the end]

#4 Line 4 To St. Johns Part 1/2: Regular route to Everett & 3rd right 3rd left Burnside - Across Burnside Bridge left Grand left Multnomah right Wheeler And resume regular route.
[misses the Rose Quarter stop]

#4 Line 4 To St. Johns Part 2/2 Regular route to Rosa Parks & Greeley right Greeley left Lombard veer left into Richmond right Ivanhoe And resume regular route.
[Line 4 doesn't go to Rosa Parks & Greeley]

#12 Line 12 To Portland: Regular route to Couch & M. left K. left M. left K. left ramp onto Morrison Bridge - across the Morrison Bridge into Washington right 4th left Burnside and resume regular route.
["L." should not have been expanded to "left"]

#15 Line 15 To Montgomery Park or Thurman & 27th: Regular route to 23rd & Thurman right Thurman right 21st to layover at the #77 bus stop on 21st near side Savier.

#17 Line 17 To St. Johns Part 1/2: Regular route to Everett & 3rd right 3rd left Burnside - Across Burnside Bridge left Grand left Multnomah right Wheeler And resume regular route.
[Line 17 hasn't gone to St. Johns in years, and when it did it didn't go on Everett]

#77 Line 77 Westbound: Regular route to 21st & Thurman To temporary layover on 21st at the bus stop on 21st near side Thurman.

#15 #83 Lines 15 and 83 Update at 22:00, back to regular route at Morrison & 16th.
[Don't think Line 83 should have been running then, nor does it go to Morrison and 16th]

#88 Line 88 to Beaverton Transit Center detour: Regular route to Baseline and 206th, left 206th, left Rock, right 198th and regular route Reverse to Willow creek.
[Line 88 doesn't go to Baseline and 206th]

#4 #16 #44 #75 Lines 4,16,44,75: Please start your PATTIES HOME PLATE CLASSIC CRUSIN detour STAY ON detour UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

#9 Line 9 - Please remember your detour for tonight starting at 6pm. Thanks.

#15 LIne 15 to Gateway. regular route 5 and Salmon continue-Salmon LT-4th LT-Taylor RT-6th RT-Burnside and continue bridge closure reroutes.

#78 Line 78 - when taking the Hidalgo detour low buses particularly 30th, 31st & 32's the front of the bus will scrap even at 5 mph -

#6 Line 6 be sure to read your Northbound detour, buses are Regular route to Grand and Oak right Oak left 6th left Ankeny right Grand Then regular route routing until clear.

#52 Line 52 Eastbound regular route to Murray and Farmington then continue Murray to right Canyon and regular route into Transit Center.
[should be "left Murray, right TV Hwy, continue Canyon, left Lombard"]

#88 Line 88 detour Westbound only: regular route to 185th and Farmington, right Farmington, left Rosa Road, left 196th, right Rosa Road, right 198th, them regular route routing, reverse Eastbound. until clear.
[Line 88 comes up 170th and not 185th, so the first turns are incorrect]

#51 Tree trimming, Line 51 inbound: regular route to Vista & Main, continue.Vista, right Park Place to Kingston & regular route Until clear.
[should be King, not Kingston]

#4 Check back for more information about Division paving project from SE 26th Ave through SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd.

#77 Line 77: Hardcopy detour Item #105 Cancelled; Glisan & Broadway farside stop now reopened.:)

#47 #48 #57 Lines 47, 48 and 57 detoured east Bound in Hillsboro regular route to 2nd and Baseline, continue Baseline, right 1st, right Washington into HTC & regular route until further notice stop at 2nd and Baseline closed.
[Baseline is used westbound, not eastbound]

#47 #48 #57 Due to construction, stops are closed between SE Baseline & 10th and SE Baseline & 3rd. Buses are detoured, no service to the temporary stop at SE Baseline & 7th.
[Now you can't even use the temporary stop?]

#47 #48 to Hillsboro detour: Regular route to Main and 10th, continue Main, left 6th, right Baseline and regular route.
[should be "right Main" for Line 48]

#77 Line 77 in know that the detour sheep states to start the detour at 12noon but the road is closed now so please start your detour now thank you!

#78 Update at 10:45 am, Line 78: Today ONLY You can use Regular route on Kerr Parkway. If you use the detour you will miss customers. There will be a new detour starting tomorrow.

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