Tuesday, September 16, 2014 didn't get updated correctly

TriMet's Service Alerts page has a link to the C-TRAN fare use policy, noting that there are changes. However, while information was added to it, it uses future tense even though the changes have gone into effect and misses a key point.

Note the use of the word "will" in the bottom portion of TriMet's information about the policy (top screen shot) and how it doesn't match the portions above it, even though the effective date is two weeks ago. In addition, C-TRAN's page about the changes (bottom screen shot and linked to with the "More" links) notes that not only will TriMet no longer accept unvalidated C-TRAN fares, but unvalidated TriMet fares will no longer be usable on C-TRAN.

In addition, C-TRAN's page seems to have an error. It mentions All-Zone day passes, but their fare page makes no mention of a All-Zone day pass, only C-Zone and Express ones. It appears that, besides possibly with a TriMet mobile ticket, there is no way to start a transit day trip in Clark County that includes travel in the Portland area without spending $7.50 for an Express day pass. And the $2.50 extra (compared to an Adult TriMet day pass) delivers no extra value for riders who don't want to use the express buses, want to travel to North Portland or through Parkrose, or want to travel on the weekends. Nor are there any day passes for youth, seniors or the disabled.

Moreover, their fare page makes no mention of the changes or links to the page about the changes, and still says that "C-TRAN and TriMet transfers, tickets, and passes are interchangable" (sic).

This is how I would rewrite TriMet's C-TRAN fare use section:

Using TriMet fares on C-TRAN

As of September 1, 2014, C-TRAN no longer accepts unvalidated TriMet fares, and C-TRAN tickets are not usable on either system but may be exchanged at C-TRAN Customer Service Offices through October 31, 2014. Certain C-TRAN fares were also increased. More

TriMet passes, transfers and validated tickets are accepted on C-TRAN Local and Limited routes, but not on Express routes or C-VAN. Upgrades are not available. TriMet LIFT fares, Portland Public Schools Photo ID Student Passes and unvalidated tickets are not valid on any C-TRAN service.

Using C-TRAN fares on TriMet

If you have a valid C-TRAN All-Zone or Express transfer or pass, you can ride TriMet buses, trains and the Portland Streetcar. C-TRAN fares are not valid on LIFT. C-TRAN tickets, punch cards, C-Zone fares (including Reduced Passes and the C-Zone Day Pass) and the Clark College C-Pass are not valid on TriMet.

Riders using All-Zone or Express punch cards can receive a transfer from C-TRAN that allows for continued travel on TriMet, through the date and time indicated.


Al M said...

That's about as clear as mud....

Jason McHuff said...

What is? Their description or my explanation?

Al M said...


Jason McHuff said...

It's pretty simple:
You now have to validate TriMet fares on TriMet and exchange C-TRAN tickets. Both agencies still honor each other's transfers and passes as before.

And it screws riders from Clark County who want a bi-state day pass, especially youth and Honored Citizens.

Al M said...

I did understand the youth/HC part.
Only you would be able to understand this stuff...

Erik H. said...

If TriMet and C-Tran had, you know, entered the 20th Century with an electronic fare system, this would be completely simple. But we're still in the 19th Century here in good ol' Portucky.

I'm still amazed we don't use tokens.

Jason McHuff said...

If TriMet and C-Tran had, you know, entered the 20th Century with an electronic fare system, this would be completely simple

And they're planning on doing that, but a 21st century version instead of a 20th century one. But even with electronic fares, it still takes cooperation between different agencies which in some cases may guard their fiefdoms.

I'm still amazed we don't use tokens.

I have some, well Rose City Transit ones, if you want them.