Monday, September 22, 2014

Here's an idea for Portland Trimet

A New Way to Rate the MBTA Is Coming to a Smartphone Near You

Paul Regan, executive director of the MBTA Advisory Board, which represents cities and towns across the state that are serviced by the T, said the board is in the midst of developing a diary-like mobile website that will allow commuters to track and record their experiences on buses and trains, so the group can collect the data and present it to the MBTA, letting them know where they’re doing a good or bad job.
“We want people to pay attention to their commute for a couple of weeks and rate every single step of the way,” Regan said of the project. “All these years I have been advocating for a state of good repair and to get existing riders the service they deserve, and I hope this is a tool that gives voices to those riders.”
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