Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trimet getting serious about social media and its influence

We here at blog central have watched as Trimet has slowly recognized the importance of social media. And we also know that Trimet has watched 'us' as we use the social media. (Trimet will never admit that they watch or learn anything from us but we know they do). Here is the latest attempt to wrestle the social media presence from the Trimet critics. 
Portland ( Trimet/St Car) does have one the largest consumer presence on Twitter in the country. While Trimet does dominate the mainstream media which willingly publishes a tremendous volume of pro Trimet material, there is a substantial 'unhappy' (I wouldn't call it anti trimet because most of us including myself don't want Trimet dismantled, we just want a return to focus on transportation instead of property development and a renewed focus on people) presence on social media which has contributed to some minor defeats for the Trimet behemoth. (CRC, Tigard, Tualtin for example). Should our tax funds be used in this manner, of course not but this is government today. They use our tax funds to promote 'their' agenda, and their agenda is figuring out way to make the public believe in them. Trimet is very good in this area. They have a very good perception of what it takes to make people in this area 'believe in them'. Even if its a pile of horseshit

Job Opening: Web & Social Media Specialist (Part-Time)(Closes on 10/03/2014 at 5:00 pm)

TriMet is hiring a Part-Time Web & Social Media Specialist (30 hours per week).
Position Summary:
The Web & Social Media Specialist supports the TriMet brand and drives customer engagement through the development and promotion of targeted and relevant digital content. Produce and maintain content for TriMet websites, print media and social channels that improves the rider experience, builds community, mobilizes advocates and raises public awareness of the benefits of transit. Perform select social media listening and community management functions. Perform web and service alert updates (including occasional evening and weekend duties). Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. Perform related duties as required.
Job Opening: Web & Social Media Specialist (Part-Time)(Closes on 10/03/2014 at 5:00 pm)


Max said...

Al, you have long been a critic of TriMet for not having enough presence on Twitter. Now that they have some presence on Twitter are you now making the case that spending tax dollars for this is unreasonable?

Max said...

"Scanner wins again"

Al M said...

I'm against them ADDING more positions to find ways to influence public opinion. The need an info twitter and that's not what this job is if u read the description

Jason McHuff said...

"Perform web and service alert updates (including occasional evening and weekend duties)" sounds like the person will be putting out information, but the description makes it clear that the job will also entail marketing.

And it shouldn't take another position for them to put out alerts (replying to people is a different issue). For MAX, they need an automated way for a tweet to be created whenever a controller documents a disruption-causing incident, and for bus they just need to post the alerts that are already being kept current.