Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good comment on the Tualatin light rail vote

 (don't agree 100% but he made one really excellent point)
Occupy your mind 2 days ago
Don't blame this NO-ON-TRIMET vote on anti-MAX Luddites or Lars Larson or anyone else...but TRIMET and METRO. Both those bureaucracies spend millions of your tax dollars on extensive public relations departments and they couldn't even mount a halfway decent public education campaign to make Tualatin-Tigard voters aware of the advantages of light rail access to the economic hub of Northwest Oregon.

These votes came out the way they did not because of Larson or the Cascade Institute or a few ignorant anti-MAX geezers but IN SPITE of them.

TRIMET and METRO would rather spend their PR budgets glorifying themselves and their bureaucrats than developing a first-class public education campaign to make citizens aware of the issue of metropolitan overpopulation and the role that railed transit can play in alleviating its problems. This is inevitable outcome. Lay the blame where it belongs. On the bureaucrats who lost these elections.

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MAX Redline said...

True enough about the hordes of PR folks Tri-Met has on staff, but mostly, I think the Clark County, Tigard, and Tualatin rebellions are preemptive actions resulting from their ham-handed ram of PMLR.