Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Now I get the sunset tc closure

TriMet’s Sunset Transit Center MAX Station will reopen Wednesday morning, Sept. 17, two days ahead of schedule. Construction on a platform improvement project had shut down both platforms since Wednesday, Sept. 3, but the contractor was able to finish up this stage of work quicker than planned. Riders will experience a smoother surface(LOL!) and
Sunset Transit Center construction wraps up two days early
Sunset Transit Center construction wraps up two days early
a new type of tactile strip (LOL)to warn them when they are walking too close to the edge of the platform. They will also see the foundation for equipment for TriMet’s future electronic fare system.


Erik H. said...

That's an utterly massive load of bullshit.

TriMet installed various electric conduits at all of its platforms - including Sunset TC. (Besides, Sunset TC is one of the few stations that is built ready for fare gates, so why the hell would TriMet need to put equipment on the platforms? There aren't even TVMs down there - they are all on the upper level!)

Did Seattle have to completely rip up its DSTT stations to install ORCA card readers? No. Did the NYCMTA subway have to rip up its entire subway stations to install Metrocard readers? No.

MAX Redline said...

I thought they were supposed to install a crane system to make it easier to remove the autos that end up down there when they take the 217 on-ramp too fast.