Friday, September 26, 2014

Trimet managers continue negotiating in bad faith

An extremely reliable source has informed that the Trimet managers are still making a mockery out of the contract negotiation process.

Those of us that follow this material know this is par for the course. 
Trimet managers lie to your face with no problems at all. 
They even do it with a smile! 

These are the same people that secretly stole a raise for themselves  at the exact same time they cut services, raised fares, and slashed retiree benefits. 
These are careerists without ethics. 
More for them less for everybody else. 
They know they are unaccountable and they take full  advantage of that fact.

Not every union employee at Trimet is a suck up ass kisser. 
And the employees that are sick and tired of being played by these overpaid lowlife managers will  be participating  in several activities that will disrupt the status quo over there.

Stay tuned for updates

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Unknown said...

don't forget the 3% raises for 2014 for 400 employees, While in 2014 union workers and retirees took a 3% and 4% pay cut.