Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trimet confusing people by the hundreds

We've seen far too many tweets by people who get the wrong information about where the train is going.
Trimet Fail!


Jason McHuff said...

Either she was riding one of the pull out trains coming from the yard (should not be that since she followed up saying the train said Hillsboro) or (more likely) it was a result of TriMet trying to serve the run crowds

Al M said...

a•pol•o•gist (əˈpɒl ə dʒɪst)

a person who defends an idea, faith, cause, or institution.

This happens way to often for Jason's apologist excuse to have any relevance

Jason McHuff said...

All I did was give possible explanations for what happened. In no way did I say what happened was acceptable.

When a train changes its destination mid-route (except when continuing on to/from the yard as scheduled), it means the operator made a mistake or that things aren't going good.