Sunday, September 21, 2014

TriMet doesn't love MAX riders that much

I've heard that there were no extra trains scheduled this morning to handle crowds going to two different runs taking place today, one of which TriMet put a news release and rider e-mail out about.

Before about 8:30 AM on Sundays, service from west of Beaverton TC is not even every 30 minutes, and the first Green Line train isn't scheduled to leave Clackamas until 8:00 AM.  (And none of the Red Line trains listed in the schedule below come from Willow Creek or Hillsboro, and there's only a handful more that start at Beaverton TC.)

This is said to have caused a problem, and the trains that were running were not able to pick everybody up.

In addition, it takes TriMet a while to put out a service alert when there's a MAX incident (which always affects every single train that goes through the area), yet dispatch-issued bus detours and stop closures (which may only affect a few people) are updated every 5 minutes, and often quickly rewritten to be professional and rider-friendly even during off hours.

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