Friday, September 12, 2014

The 'new' SE 17th St

Buildings like the PGE one on the NW corner of Center have been demolished, and the employee parking lots on the west side of the street shrunk


Max said...

I think that was some sort of maintenance shed (like the one of TriMet's that got demolished), but most of the PGE buildings are on the East side and I believe all still intact.

The travesty here is all of the bits of parking TriMet has strewn all over the place. That land should be developed; not left as parking lots.

Jason McHuff said...

High-resolution version of the image:

It does appear that the PGE building was just for storage:,244.8,,0,8.71

Though it was more substantial then TriMet's shed:,317.8,,0,1.38&z=18

As for parking, some of it will be developed:

But they do have a brand new parking lot that's visible above the right side of the TriMet building.

Also, note the bus only area at Center that would be the right turn lane, with traffic to turn in front of the bus.