Saturday, September 13, 2014

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Progress report Sunset TC
And then my Hero Erik Halstead goes on his attack!

(Erik is my hero)
Erik Halstead And when is TriMet going to start giving bus riders EQUAL bus stop amenities for the 6,000 bus stops that lack any type of safe boarding platform? The cost to "fix" Sunset TC could have paid for hundreds of safe bus stops and installed shelters, benches, schedule signs, even Transit Tracker signs, but instead TriMet is all about the MAX rider - while bus riders pay the same for subpar service.
Erik Halstead So you think it's OK for someone to stand in a drainage ditch to wait for a bus? Why isn't that kind of bus stop good enough for MAX riders? Why do MAX riders need platforms, shelters and benches? If it's not too difficult for a bus rider, I say let's eliminate MAX stops. Think of how much money TriMet will save in construction and maintenance expenses.
 Sadi Taylor I feel ya. I've had to wait at some bus stops that don't even have a sidewalk. I'm nearly 100% blind and it terrifies me as cars fly past me. I'm afraid that my guide dog and I will get hit someday.
Erik Halstead That is totally unacceptable Sadi, in a city like ours, no one should be afraid to stand at a bus stop. We should be the leader, and yet seven out of eight bus stops are completely unimproved. Yet, TriMet is all happy and gleeful that it is REBUILDING a perfectly good, servicable, functional MAX stop.
 Shawn Piper Good point Erik. Why is the sunset station needing these major renovations so soon? Another example of government waste and ineptitude. If they had done it correctly in the beginning, they could use this money on other infrastructure improvements / expansion.

Dungeons And-Duncans I totally agree with Erik Halstead. I've waited at bus stops on the Hillsboro side of Tri-Met where weeds were growing through the benches surrounded by trash, it's unprotected from the elements and 2 feet away from people flying down the street going 55 so not really a safe place....especially if you are waiting there with children. I pay the same amount as a MAX rider and do ride the MAX often, but frankly riding the bus is a far worse experience. I'd like to see Tri-Met take into account the bus stops more often and make them safer and a better experience.

Tamara R. Hess You guys should get jobs with tri met and then you can fix all the problems

Erik Halstead Getting a job at TriMet means having to kiss someone's political ass and donate money to a political campaign. TriMet is all about serving developers - NOT citizens.


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