Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not sure where 'they' are planning on coming up with $250 million- $1 billion dollars

As we know our 'leaders' have a variety of grandiose plans in store for 'us'. Because they care about 'us' (sic). Coming in September for example we have the brand new light rail line! How much better that will be for 'us' right? People that once had a direct ride to Portland will now be forced to transfer to light rail, but its for their benefit right?

Well capital projects is the name of the game for Trimet and Metro and there is no end in sight to their respective dreams. Next up is some grandiose plans for Powell Boulevard. Costing somewhere in the range of $250 million to over a Billion Powell will be transformed (I guess that's the idea)

Now from my point of view a much more effective approach to serving transit riders on Powell Blvd would be to have a bus running every 5-8 minutes. No fancy capital project required.  But we all know that all this capital projects shit has nothing to do with transit riders but serves to promote the agenda of those involved in the real estate development. It adds nothing to the transit riders lives, maybe a little faster commute time. The public would be much better served if they had truly frequent service, something that does not exist in Portland.

Powell-Division plan for transit zooms along

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