Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another assualt on a Trimet bus driver

stock photo of a Trimet attacker
Another operator was assaulted on the Bus today. A female driver was punched, had her hair pulled, and got her eye scratched by a female passenger. The driver told me she wasn't in any confrontation with the passenger. She (the passenger) was exiting the front door at 82nd and Powell on the #9 bus. She stopped, stepped back and went berserk! Luckily the police were at the 7-11 and arrested her. The Road Supervisor said she hit him last week, and the police officer said he's taken her to jail 5 times in the last month. Can we get a photo of these nut jobs so that we know to defend ourselves? The operator is sore and very tense, but she did go back and finish her run. (report from Trimet employee)


Unknown said...

and neither side will do anything.

Theresa Griffin Kennedy said...

This is really sad. These looks need to be locked up.

Theresa Griffin Kennedy said...

Loons! Thank you Auto Correct!