Sunday, September 14, 2014

MAX REDLINE comments on the Ibn Mika'il incident

It turns out that the outraged Muslim dude is  JASON O'MUIRIGAIN, a white boy of Irish descent from nearby Beaverton, Oregon - and it turns out that he started cussing the bus driver out because the bus wasn't air-conditioned. Whatever would the poor boy do over there in the Middle East? I mean, really, when you're out there jihading around, raping Christians and sawing heads off, there's not gonna be a whole lot of air conditioning involved. It's hot and dirty work, and a lot of it.
As the riders waited for the TriMet supervisor to arrive, Gale said the driver and Ibn Mika'il continued their back and forth. He said Ibn Mika'il was cussing so much during the conversation that a family with two small children got off the bus.
"The half dozen or so of us that stayed on the bus all filled out comment cards, which to my knowledge all supported the driver," Gale said.
Ol' Jason's running around calling himself Yassin Ibn Mika'il these days, though it doesn't appear that the name change is actually legal. I think he's only in it for that whole multiple wives thing.
MaxRedline: Tri-Met Driver In Hot Water UPDATE

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