Monday, September 29, 2014

Trimet spends billions on Light rail and ridership declines

GoLocalPDX | TriMet’s Per Capita Ridership Declines as Billions are Spent on Light Rail

I made the following comment to the story but it would not post for some reason

The 'cost per ride' figures are extremely misleading.

Light rail needs lots and lots of support personnel that are not included in that number.
Controllers, Supervisors, ROW personnel, switch maintainers, signal techs are just a few.
The light rail apologists always leave out the HUGE cost of constructing the light rail in the first place. 'That money alone makes the figures bogus.
Regarding the 'recession'. We have studies the facts on that and it turns out the so called 'great recession' was barely a hiccup to Trimet.
We did our own investigation on this matter, all the figures were provided by Trimet but were not charted.
See for yourself 

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