Monday, May 19, 2014

ATU conference call

This is a video of yesterday's live conference call with Bruce Hansen and Larry Hanley.
I apologize for the poor quality as I am currently out of town


Anonymous said...

My recommendation:

Our local needs (2) 'PAID' people who are divided politically, e.g., Democrat & Republican, continually research and post the candidates who WILL improve quality of life for union membership.

Most working people probably vote incorrectly at election time and continual voting guidance would be so helpful, IMO.

If we start at ground level politically maybe just maybe we could get a seat on the Trimet board of directors; but, we must 'start' before we roll!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks and kudos to AL, his dedication is flat out awesome, IMO.

Anonymous said...

The Republican party does not like government, public transportation, or unions. We are a unionized workforce employed by a government run public transit agency. Who do you think you should vote for? Of course not all democrats are created equal and some hold the same anti-union views as republicans, so it would be helpful if our union steers us to endorse/support and vote for the "good" democrats.

Anonymous said...

Anyone could prove the above Anonymous poster WRONG, just copy paste or search it yourself.

Republican endorses more government

Republican endorces public transportation

Republican endorces unions

Anonymous said...

Kitzhaber is a demorat and he has done absolutly nothing to intervene to settle the contract and make our working conditions better. Tobias Reed has not been a friend to the union but gladly has his hand out for donations while he stabs us all in the back. The union gave Kitzhaber $1000 in January when the audit came out. So much for your theroy.