Friday, May 23, 2014

Bruce Hansen apologizes for saying 'Bus Operators Union'

Given the fact that most ATU members are or have been bus operators at one time or another I don't see the need for any apologies.

I would like to make a correction to the Press Release that went to our members and media wide where it stated "Today, the bus operators union filed unfair labor practice charges against TriMet charging that the agency's top managers have bargained in bad faith." Because it was aimed at the press, and because that is what the press calls the ATU that term was inadvertently used. It was a mistake. We'll take care not to use it again.

In the future we will use "transit workers" union or  “the Amalgamated Transit Union  who represents TriMet employees." I apologize to those folks who are not bus operators but who are just as important to this union and our community.

Bruce Hansen


Anonymous said...

Many, if not most, ATU locals will include maintenance personnel and I can understand them being upset if the President of the Local refers to the organization as a "bus operators union." It sounds non-inclusive for it to be referred to as such by its President. Even if they are not the majority, they are a large block of members in the Local. I think Mr. Hansen's apology was appropriate and was well worded.

Anonymous said...

Hansen's a mench!

Anonymous said...

Spelled it wrong. He's a Mensch!

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to know you are so ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS and have.NEVER made a mistake in your life...

Anonymous said...

He owned it right away. He didn't just blow it off or tell you to suck wind. He claimed accountability for it. Much better than a deviant stealing thousands from his union to support his whims, wouldn't you say?

He was elected by a MAJORITY of votes. Like it or not, the majority vote candidate is now in office VOTED IN BY THE MAJORITY. To have these stupid little games being played during a critical time for the membership is playing right into their hands.

Bruce didn't sell anyone out. If you believe so, pick another candidate come the next election. You are a fool to believe we are going to get everything we want or currently have when at the bargaining table. The HOS issue was an accident waiting to happen. It isan issue in the forefront of all commercial drivers right now.

Show me ONE contract or membership that got ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING they wanted. Its not gonna happen. Union Presidents when working for the membership) work hard to keep as many things in the contract as the members want, but things WILL get tossed out in a NEGOTIATION; the President WILL have to make decisions from time to time that are not going to sit well with ALL of the members. It just isn't possible. That doesn't make them a sellout. Let's see you do a better job come next election but we need to put our bitchiness aside right now and be a UNION.