Friday, October 10, 2014

Bruce Hansen responds to the leak

So Bruce is claiming that the information is 'inaccurate'.
It's true that  someone calling themselves @brucehansen11 leaked this information via twitter.
They sent it to the TV news media, I dug it up from Twitter.
It looked real enough to me so I posted it.

What this proves is that secrecy is a bad idea, as soon as this agreement was reached it should have gone the next day to the members which would have prevented any of this sort of thing from happening.
So he says its not accurate but we still have to wait for the 'real deal'.
Dear ATU 757 TriMet Member,

As you have heard, TriMet's and the Union's bargaining teams reached a tentative agreement last week. Both parties are required to recommend ratification--to both the TriMet Board and to the ATU's members.  We are busily putting together a mailing that will have a full and accurate summary of the tentative agreement. That, along with a ballot for voting, will be sent to you the first of next week.

Sadly, some individuals with personal agendas released incorrect / incomplete information about the tentative agreement. They released it by pretending to be me on Twitter. Apparently their goal is to mislead, alarm and confuse folks before they've had an opportunity to review the accurate information. 

There is nothing I can do about the negative actions of a few. But, what I can do is ask that you please wait to form an opinion until after you receive the information next week. If you have questions, we will be holding an all-day informational meeting on Sunday, October 19th. The ballots are due in the Union's post office box by 10:00am  on Friday, October 24th. 

My hope is that you will vote based on accurate information in a way that you believe is in the best interest of yourself, your family and your co-workers.

In solidarity,
Bruce Hansen


Neil Mcfartlane said...

I don't believe you Bruce!!!!

Max said...

What is the part you don't believe? That there will be a mailing? That you will get to vote?

Neil Mcfartlane said...

I think and saw from a shop steward that NO retro pay 3% raise this year and next year is correct but nothing from 2012 2013 so ...who knows if the leaked contract is in fact correct Bruce is finished as our President as far as I'm concered

Cwherewetku said...

Start thinking of who you want, cause if it ain't Bruce, Ron or Jon, (you don't want Bruce, Ron better not even think about it and I don't think Jon has a prayer) then who ya gonna call?


Al M said...

I'm quite certain that there are very qualified that are outside the circle of power

Max said...

That's whats great about the unions - they're so mistrustful of everyone, they don't even trust themselves.

Al M said...

Our union follows in the footsteps of its benefactor which is TRIMET.

Secrecy is standard procedure.

It doesn't have to be that way.

And 'unions' are the only alternative to management.

I can't even imagine working at Trimet without a union.