Saturday, October 18, 2014

How much will this contract deal really cost you?

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This chart shows how the concession on wages has  will affect  each union employee. We are not talking about the increase in health related payments that has been passed on the union members but only the wage concessions here. (Active employees only).

The 'new' contract is costing active employees REAL MONEY. So Trimet walked away with not only the health plan it wanted but they also walked away with wage concessions.

I've been watching all the transit disputes from around the country and how they were resolved. I honestly think that Trimet workers got the worst deal from their management in terms of real givebacks of any transit workers in the entire USA

What really surprises me about the Trimet workers is how eager they are to give away their wages and benefits.

(actually, after spending 15 year of my life in that culture I'm not really that surprised)


Speakerofthepeople1 said...

It is so depressing, there is so much misinformation out there. All of the paperwork has different numbers and information and when you call Bruce he doesn't know. With all the confusion on what things actually mean I can't imagine someone voting yes on this contract. Send a strong message to TriMet and the Union VOTE NO! The jobs are mentally and physically challenging and Randy Stedman thinks nothing of the operators and what they have to go through each day. The information is incomplete! VOTE NO! Thank you Al for bringing the true information to us!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Seems to me $27/hr isn't that bad plus you guys get some kind of benefits right? Maybe you might want to educate me? You union folks must feel like the "undocumented immigrant" adovactes the democratic politicians keep promising... When will politicians AND voters do what's good for the people, instead of the party? Hope you might consider me as your Write In Candidate for Oregon Governor. I'm not affiliated with a party and I don't accept donations.
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Al M said...

It's all relative - the former general manager of Trimet retired with a $16,600 a month pension why isn't anyone talking about that

Al M said...

People have been so influenced by the media propaganda they can't see the situation properly.

The tax payers just shelled out $250million for the CRC that produced ZERO.

State of Oregon wasted $250 million of failed Obamacare software.

Every hour, taxpayers in the United States are paying
$10.54 million for Total Cost of Wars Since 2001.

Fred Hansen pulls in $16.5k each and every month from Trimet even tho he is long gone.

But here we have a cadre of people that think we get too much tax money.

There minds have been compromised by the never ending false propaganda