Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why didn't Trimet totally crush the union?

Trimet got what it wanted, that is they will only pay for the 80/20 health insurance till 2016. When 2016 gets here they have made it clear that all bets are off. 

So why didn't Trimet push the union back into another arbitration where they could have exacted even more brutal cuts against its union workforce? 

Don't forget that in the last arbitration Trimet placed into its proposal all sorts of nefarious items some that were clearly illegal and courts ruled as much.

With this Oregon idiotic arbitration law 'winner takes all' you can really stick it to your union workforce when you are victorious. 

We may live in a blue state but we have an anti union governor. 

They could have easily won another arbitration, there's no doubt about that, even our own union admits they didn't have a chance.

So why didn't they totally break the union?

There is only one reason---THE ORANGE LINE OPENING
This new light rail line needs every one of the major players to fall into line, including the union.

(and the fact that Trimet and union need each other in the same way as Democrats need  Republicans)

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Unknown said...

the excise tax in the Affordable Care Act is slated for 2018, so the question is why not do a six year deal? Because the next contract will be strictly about insurance coverage, so that at 80/20 versus 90/10 will be a big bone of contention, get ready Union.