Saturday, October 18, 2014

What union members can expect when this contract expires

The area inside the yellow highlighting gives us a pretty good idea of where Trimet will be heading in the future.
We already know FOR SURE (the union leaders will not speak to this  even after I have directly asked them to comment) that Trimet leadership has as its goals to 'reduce the OPEB by 50% either by raising the amount employees pay or restricting coverage'. This has been stated several times by David Auxier in public meetings and documented on this blog.

So those of us who follow this material know this is just one stop along the way to greater goals that the Trimet management has.

Now look at the the area inside the  yellow circle. 'the possible utilization of a private exchange for 2016'.

What they are saying there in not so obstructed words is that they are intending to find more ways to cut the health insurance program.

So if union employees think with this contract they are done 'giving back' they are sadly mistaken.

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the Trader Joe's effect.