Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tomorrow is a big day for these two guys



After the mail is delivered to the union office tomorrow the votes will be counted!
If this contract is approved the two gentlemen above will be celebrating.
They will have achieved the victory that took them 5 years to to get!
Not sure how they finagled this since I wasn't part of the sphere of influence but they did it!
(I've always thought the company and the union were in collusion though)
As I said earlier, I have lots of contempt for these two men, but I respect their brilliance in pulling off this feat. 

And just so everyone knows what's about to happen, these two men can claim they have saved over $50 million for the four year term of this contract.
That will translate into HEFTY RAISES OR BONUSES because this is how these executives end up getting these huge salaries. 
Mcfarlane saved the company $50 million? His cut will be at least $100k bump in salary, mark my words. 
And who knows how much Stedmen will walk away with but it will be something nice.

Not bad guys if I do say so myself!

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