Friday, October 24, 2014

How hard would it be to rig the union vote?

The ballots are mailed to members, there are two envelopes, one to put the ballot and the other to put the envelope with the ballot. 
Members are not required to sign or identify themselves on their ballot.
The ballots and envelopes themselves have no sort of coding!

So in other words, if someone had easy access to envelopes and ballots how hard would it be to 'rig' an election?

Too damn easy!

When you think about the voting and all the secrecy that surrounded and all the rules on the gag order and that people who voted against can't speak out it makes you wonder. It's like the fix was in and they want to make sure they silence the opponents to ensure  a win


Heywoodjablowmedouche said...

How it works. Metered mail out, metered mail in equal to or less than the number that went out. More than 1 ballot per envelope is a contested vote.
Any facts to back up your libelous propaganda?
Didn't think so.

Al M said...

I don't know about 'metered' mail but it's not that difficult to keep track of who votes and who doesn't. Why isn't the union doing it?

Heywoodjablowmedouche said...

Thats right. You don't know. Let me break it down for you.
United States Postal Service
Metered mail. Paid postage out. Tampering is a Federal crime subject to fines and imprisonment.
This is not something that this local just pulled out of thin air. Common practice used by Union election committee's nationwide. The checks and balance.

Al M said...

I say again. It's not that difficult to keep track who is and who isn't voting. Why isn't the union using modern methods of voter collection and analysis

Al M said...

And's about time a supporter of this whole mess stepped out from behind that veil of secrecy and made a passionate defense