Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alan Eisenberg Speaks to the union contract and current state of affairs

Mr Eisenberg is a former union officer
Mr Eisenberg has never had any problems speaking his mind
Hi all--yes we were fucked and along with us every union member now and future and across the country.This pile of crap was rejected when the "green" contract was being negotiated. management got raises(just like McGowan did) and we got bupkes. I want to thank every officer for this, thanks for cutting what we worked for, thanks for giving up the right to strike, thanks for letting Trimet steal money from us, and thanks for giving away seniority. .. This is the most depressing contract. Thanks for fuckin' my life. atu as a union just plain sucks. It is dead and I spit on the grave. Hurray for the officers that walked out. I would have too. The union no longer protects its members. Remember this at election time.

Alan gave one of the most entertaining presentations to the board of directors ever in 2011! 

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