Friday, October 24, 2014

I was a vocal Bruce Hansen supporter

This was one of the pictures I used during his campaign to support Bruce Hansen

 There's more than a few people that are angry right now, including myself.
If the retirees had a say in this I am sure the outcome would have been much different.
There are supposedly 900 retirees right now, just slightly less than active employees. I have no idea what the demographic is of the retirees.
But in terms of dollars and cents  I would wager that the retirees have put more congregate money into ATU757 than the active employees have. 
It's grossly unfair that they were dragged down like this.

But the facts are that this was taken to a vote and the majority of the members said yes.
So although us of the 'vocal minority' are as MAD AS HELL   Bruce apparently does represent the majority of the voting members.
So in a way you can't really blame Bruce for this, it wasn't shoved down members throats like throwing away the right to strike was.

It unfortunate that the retirees have to pay the most for this and they had no right to vote

And for that BRUCE has my eternal contempt.

He played the game that all politicians do, cater to the people that can put you in office and ignore the rest.  

I was a huge supporter of Bruce by the way, my campaign video for Bruce was featured in this

As far as I am concerned the campaign to get Bruce out begins now.

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Heywoodjablowmedouche said...

And do what? Replace him with Hunt? Hansen inherited the mess that Hunt and Hientzman created.
The arbitration law that got us to this point has nothing to do with Hansen. He is just one more member just like the rest of us damaged by the actions of the previous officers.
The power play being executed by the Ass hat minority faction is "See, if only we had been in power, this wouldn't have happened."
They're the ones that created it!