Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Even lowly MATRA union members are under attack by the transit executive class

And they are all using the exact same formula, just like Trimet did! Ignorant and unsuspecting public eat the whole thing up
(and MARTA driver's don't get shit)

2,900 members of the Amalgamated Transit Union have run headlong into a
012, a KPMG report called MARTA’s economic model “unsustainable,” saying the agency needed to cut $25 million a year so the public could continue to sit in rail cars and watch strange people talk to themselves.

For months, it seemed the negotiation’s sticking points were the same things you hear these days — rising health care costs, onerous pensions, frozen pay stubs. 

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Max said...

"She started driving for $11.23 an hour and now makes $13.83 with annual step-increases. "

And you guys are "getting robbed" because you're only making DOUBLE what they make?

Al M said...

That's the point of the post;

Of course MARTA has not deep pockets of tax revenue like Trimet does.

Al M said...

Your cheerleading in the 'race to the bottom' is very surprising Max. I would have never thought that of you.

Jason McHuff said...

What's the cost of living there compared to here? How does that raise compare to 6 years of inflation?

But if someone has more than another person, and some of it is taken away by illegal or unethical means, it's still reasonable to call it theft. It doesn't matter that the other person has always had less.

Moreover, the article is about paratransit drivers, not regular bus operators. Transporting at most a few people at a time using a smaller vehicle is much different than driving a massive bus and continuously picking up riders.

Even so, why is it good and economically productive to have someone working full time at a valuable job be tax draining (needing food and rent help) and limited in what they can contribute back to the economy (through spending)?

Lastly, it sounds there's other problems that could be addressed before lower compensation is considered.

Al M said...

The point is simple enough-the Oligarchs will pay the grunts as little as possible.
This is why unemployment is a never ending state of affairs.

Having people always unemployed keeps the labor wage down.

And where do you think the money that Trimet saves by breaking its promise to union members is going to go?

It will go directly to expansion which is why they had to break the promises in the first place.

Providing good health care was no big deal till the agency kept growing to its ridiculous behemoth that it is now.

They can't afford to have decent benefits anymore because they have too many union employees, and lots of those positions are superfluous.