Monday, October 20, 2014

Readership back up to 1000+ views a day thanks to mainstream media

Thanks to mainstream media's total blackout of news regarding the Trimet/Union contract readership on this blog is back up to 1000+ views per day.

We've have our share of detractors just praying 'we'd' (i say 'we'  because even tho my name appears on the posts this blog is a collection of lots of folks material) go away.

But as we saw during the Lane Jensen false prosecution, this blog is vitally important for the flow of information that would not be found anywhere else if this blog did not exist.

This blog covers plenty of news that will not be found in the puppet media and I can assure readers we will continue to exist. We maintain the blog as a labor of love, not for profit, and completely unaligned to any existing institutions

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