Friday, October 31, 2014

Trimet hiring 'BIG TIME'

Now that Trimet has gotten permission from ATU757 to hire new employees with 'market rate' (code for lousy)benefits they will go crazy hiring. They've been able to 'cull the herd' over the last 5 years making life miserable for long time employees many of whom decided to get the hell out (including me). 

A compliant  union leadership makes this a perfect opportunity for the Trimet oligarchs to continue flooding the ranks with a bunch of newbies that have no history there.

And if you want to know what your missing by NOT being a bus driver:
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Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Things that make ya go hmmmmm.

Max said...

No - even with the cuts, things are still well above average for TriMet operators.

Al M said...

Well above average compared to who?

Walmart workers?
Macdonalds workers?
City ditch diggers (water bureau)
County bureaucrat?
How bout the least skilled job in America..Longshoreman?

Average is totally subjective

Max said...

Well above average compared to's query for "Bus Driver" aka "Coach operator."

Job description:
"Provides transportation to passengers between regions or within metropolitan areas. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job. Must be licensed to operate a bus. Licensing requirements depend on the state. Must have a "satisfactory" driving record."

It says median annual salary is $20,397.

Max said...

Or if you don't like that one; google "bus driver salary" and see what else comes up. $30K $13/hr ($27K/year) $30K/year $36K/year.

Jason McHuff said...

Are those for urban mass transit, and full-time? It seems that private/charter/dial-a-ride drivers should have an easier job since they're not constantly serving anyone and everyone who wants a ride.

Al M said...

Max just won't open his eyes to the facts. Pay in Biloxi Lousiana would be 1/2 what the pay would be in San Fransico. But both cities are part of the 'average'. Max sees bus drivers as a lowly form of human occupation hence he devalues it.

We are talking to Bill O'reilly when we talk to Max on this topic.

And now we see why the Republican party does so well in most of Amerika. Lots of people thinks as Max does.

Max said...

Max just won't open his eyes to the facts.

I've now cited 5 sources. Where are yours?

Al M said...

Okay Max here is my source. Seattle metro drivers receive five dollars an hour more than Trimet drivers