Friday, October 17, 2014

Every day we hear about that damn bridge

Ya ya its wonderful, its stupendous, there will be no cars allowed, it changes colors, the tourists will go wild over it, the bike crowd will be in bicycle heavan,   its the greatest invention since sliced bread, and its all here in the land of enchantment Portlandia.
(The whole project was only  $1.5 billion of your tax dollars to build.)
(Always read the fine print) 

People are so clueless as to how their minds are being influenced by this constant barrage of pro trimet propaganda.

After this bridge everybody will support anything that the Trimet does.

(Now if only they could get their system to actually be reliable now that would be a real achievement.)

Every day we have to hear about that damn bridge from al m on Vimeo.


rocketman said...

Will it tell us how polluted the river is? Will it provide us with on time performance or the actual time of the next max train displayed on 1000x1000 big screen? Oh I forgot its TRIMET, its just for SHOW

rocketman said...

Perfect timing to display TRIMET's expensive bridge with all the bells and lights just before union contract vote. They can't afford to provide for their retired employees what was promised but they can throw money at a bridge so we know how cold the water is.
Really NICE I feel the warm and friendly feeling from TRIMESS already. I feel sick, doesn't anyone else?

Al M said...

Most people seem to be completely taken in by this fraud. What can you do? The public is ignorant as to how government propaganda zaps their minds.

It's all very interesting. The contract at the same time as they trashed to driver sign ups at the same time they light up the bridge.

When it comes to false propaganda nobody does it better than Trimet

Al M said...

The only thing that could have helped stop this fraud is for the union members to vote no on the contract, sadly, it appears that the majority of union workers support it.

Not sure why but they do. I've never seen a workforce to eager to sacrifice themselves.

Max said...

I fail to understand why your average Joe would care about the union contract or the signup changes. The bridge is interesting / something they see every day / etc.

The union contract, not so much. That's why it makes the news & the contract does not.

Al M said...

The bridge is the fucking bridge and has NOTHING to do with transit and its functioning worth.

It's not even going to be open for another year yet we are treated EVERY SINGLE DAY to some other nonsense about the wonderfulness of that bridge.

Don't you get it Max or are you just being like Jason and trying to find things to argue about?