Thursday, October 23, 2014

Class action update-part 5

Today was Ken Zatarains turn to take the stand and be deposed.
Zatarain pretty much stonewalled and played stupid during the questioning
He either answered " I don't know" or the Trimet lawyer objected  to the questions and refused to let him answer.

As always these questions and answers are paraphrased

Q-Are Trimet bus drivers told to take 2 buses/trains ahead of the one that would get them there on time
A- I don't know

Q-How to bus drivers get to road reliefs?
A- I don't know nor do I care, they can get there by car, bike, walk, take the other drivers car I don't know

Q- What are bus drivers told to do then about road reliefs
A-I don't know, I write the schedules and expect the drivers to be there.

Q-So you've been here 35 years and don't know the answer to that question

Q-So what do you do about schedules that are perpetually late?
A-We will adjust them but only 60-80% within the on time parameter

Q-Do you have all the time slips saved for the record

Jim Yazolino  the time keeper also was deposed.
He answered questions about time slips

Q-When you were driving did you occasionally work overtime and not time slip it?

All the testimony he provided was helpful to the prosecution