Thursday, October 23, 2014

What happens if members refuse to ratify

Bruce has not posted anything in writing as to why 'we' should vote yes on this!
This was given to the board members during the last meeting and it discusses what happens if union members reject this contract. 

When you read this you can see that this is URGENT FOR TRIMET MANAGEMENT that this pass right now!

It also further shows that Trimet union employees have nothing to lose by rejecting this contract offer.

So why is  Bruce and his henchmen so hot to get this passed?

And what about this 'block signup' shit that everybody hates?

Something really stinks here

Everybody that voted has done it already, too late to change anyone's mind.

We are still predicting this will pass, by my unofficial count the yea's have it. But there are more nays than I originally thought.  Both the institutions (trimet/atu757) have been pushing this hard  
This blog/facebook/twitter doesn't have anywhere near the reach of those two institutions

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Speakerofthepeople1 said...

I talked to Mary Longoria today about the ballots having water marks on them, she said they did but I said they didn't. She said she would check with Bruce because she was just going by what Bruce had said when he sent out the mailing to the members and what she had read from her own mailing. She called me back and apologized and said I guess there isn't a water mark on the ballots. Something does stink around here.

David Christensen said...

Why should he post anything. You put too much value on this forum. He spent many hours professing his position last Sunday. His position is clear even if he did not post anything. Come on.mbecause he has not posted? That is just a bit nuts my friend.

Al M said...

It's perfectly reasonable and I'll tell you why:

Not everybody went to the stupid meeting.What about all those union members that didn't go?

Don't they deserve an explanation?

And he didn't have to post it here, how bout transit workers voice or something?