Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I'm using myself as the example but the numbers are relevant to any retiree who uses the Blue Cross insurance.
This is another part of the story that the useless mainstream media won't cover.

1-My Gross pension is $930/mo

 Taxes equal 18% or  $167 (rounded off). Taxes are paid on the total pension BEFORE the health insurance is taken out

2-That leaves $763.

For me to continue with the last arbitration award (my spouse and myself) will now cost of out pocket $187/mo. That supplies me with 90/10 coverage. I believe the maximum out of pocket is $3000 per person  (I could be wrong however. I could also sign up for the 80/20 insurance for $100 less but if I or my spouse actually got sick it would actually end up costing significantly more out of pocket in the end)

3-That leaves $576/mo. or $6,921 a year to live on.

If I actually get sick enough to have to spend that $3000 (and its not that hard to spend lots of money when it comes to Amerika's sick health care system) that would leave me with 
4-$3,912 for the year to live on or $326/mo.

We retired thinking that our health care would be paid since that is what was promised.

What has happened to  retirees  (because we retired after 1992) is that our pensions were stolen by Neil Mcfarlane and his demolition crew.

This affects 900+ retired union employees and the bottom line is this, and its quite simple:

(Mcfarlane and his handpicked staff of destroyers will all get nice fat pensions, evil people always seem to be rewarded in the world we live in.)


Al M said...

It's one thing to be forced into giving up our pensions its another for the union to give them up for us.

And future retirees better take notice, the promises that were made to you about your retirement aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

Max said...

You get sick to the tune of $30,000 per year, regularly?

Al M said...

3000, not 30,000 and actually my spouse did once.

You just don't want to hear our side of the argument Max.

Promises were made promises were broken.

We need an apology from the union and Mcfarlane for lying to us.

Al M said...

Meanwhile Fred Hansen continues to live like a rich man now that he has nothing more to do with Trimet. $16.7k a month.

Playfair $11k a month!

How come you have no problem with them staying rich long after they have left Trimet but you have a problem with me wanting the health insurance I was promised?

Max said...

But you only pay 10%, remember? So in order to pay the out of pocket maximum of $3,000, you'd need to rack up $30,000 worth of expenses.

Al M said...

How come you NEVER talk about executive pensions or raises?

Or billions of dollars spent of bells and whistles?

Jason McHuff said...

(because we retired after 1992)

Aren't the benefits based on your hire date and not retirement?

So in order to pay the out of pocket maximum of $3,000, you'd need to rack up $30,000 worth of expenses.

Does that $3,000 include deductibles and other costs that employees have to pay?

Al M said...

The date u retired is the date of record. The co-pays are still not clearly defined.

rocketman said...

16,000.00 a MONTH and you don't see a problem with FRED's retirement. Oh and how many years did he work at TRIMET to earn that retirement? Really and you think that is Fair??
What did he honestly do to earn that kind of money?

Max said...

Yes, it's a $3,000 out of pocket maximum for copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. This is pretty standard. After that $3,000 the plan pays 100%.

My work's plan has $3,000 out of pocket maximum for a single individual, or $9,000 for family. The deductible is $500 for an individual, or $1500 for family.

I'm still failing to see how you guys are being "robbed." Your benefits/wages are still 4x - 5x market rate.

... and yes, I agree that Fred, Brian's have ridiculous pensions as well. For every Brian or Fred, though, there are hundreds of union guys that are sucking down way more money.

Al M said...

Well there ya go, MAX states for the record that he is anti union.

No more arguing need be done with him he's right wing all the way.

Union slobs=bad (sucking down money by asking for health insurance, how could they?)

Max said...

Al the right wingers would have you guys making minimum wage with ZERO benefits.

I'm just saying that 4X to 5X of market rate is a little excessive. You disagree with that? Seems like you disagree with TriMet's other wasteful spending, but not this?

rocketman said...

100's of guys sucking down way more money. Really are you comparing retirees to retire I don't think so!!

Al M said...

I disagree with wasteful government spending but there is waste and then there IS WASTE

Trimet employees health insurance doesn't even register on the chart of wasteful government spending:

Cost of National Security: Counting How Much the U.S. Spends Per Hour

Al M said...

People like MAX like to pick on the little guys but think that the BIG SHOTS are will worth their tax dollars:

Top 2013 Oregon PERS beneficiaries - The Oregonian