Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Al I disgruntled?

I've answered this question more than a dozen times but this is a good time to reiterate my position.
Am I 'disgruntled'? (Trimet did lie to me and 1100 other retirees about our retirement packages, that's sorta a good reason to be a little bit disgruntled don't you think?)

It depends on how that word affects your 'limbic brain'.

When most people hear that word they think that I am so pissed off that I harbor some sort of hatred for the people working at Trimet.

Nothing is further from the truth. I never harbored any hard feelings even though they were responsible for making my life pretty miserable the last couple years I was there.

They did what they thought they had to do, I  understand that.

I was not fired from that job and was never  in any trouble except for my blog.  
The Trimet masters thought my blogging activities  were a threat and wanted me to stop. I wouldn't stop so they made my life miserable. And then I left, on my own free will.

It's  true, there is not one person over there that I harbor bad feelings toward as an individual.

Now the 'institutional policies', that's a completely different story. And my interest in transit blogging has blossomed since I left there. Actually that's all I do all day now  when I am in Portland. (I do go back east quite frequently now and I do enjoy premium cable tv)

Trimet ended up not being just a job to me, Trimet (the institution) ended up actually being part of my continued consciousness, and here I am almost 3 years after I left their employ, still blogging away.

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