Friday, October 10, 2014

Mainstream media (CNN) does a Trimet commercial disguised as 'news'!

Sophisticated media watchers know how vital mainstream media is to manufacturing consent for government initiatives. All the way from getting people to think war is necessary to the other end of the scale, Light rail and transit oriented development 'is what we want'. 

We also know that the Fed's have a very cozy relationship with Trimet/Portland and funnel literally billions of dollars here to support the federal agenda, which right now is this rail fixation and the developers that make millions along with it. Portland is indeed the poster child for this federal initiative and its true that people come from all around the country 'to look' at how wonderful it is here. (real transit geeks know there there is absolutely nothing special about Portland area transit, its not even up to world class standards in reality)

Is 'transit oriented development' a bad thing? Absolutely not! Why would it be? If people want to live like that let them. So developers make millions, that happens with everything that comes from government contracts, not just transit.

What I and what people like me object to is the hijacking of public transit for the purposes of pursuing real estate development and social engineering. Transit used to be about getting people where they needed to go, now its about getting people to go where the  transit developers  want you to go.

That is something I will never support

Mainstream media does a Trimet commercial! from al m on Vimeo.

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