Monday, October 6, 2014

On the Trimet deal with the union

The development agency is pleased to announce that they've reached a deal with the little people who do the driving, maintenance, and other stuff.
Without concessions by the union, management has said, the agency would be required to make deep cuts to bus and train service.
The agency has $853 million in unfunded liability to pay health benefits for current and future retirees, a recent state audit found. That liability has since climbed to $950 million.
Well, yes - the development agency is in the hole because of contractural agreements they made with the little people and never set any funds aside to pay for; much like the City of Portland's unfunded liability for public safety workers, which is currently well past the trillion-dollar mark. Making promises to people and signing a contract guaranteeing those promises come easily to our collection of corrupt Democrat politicians and political appointees, who then plead poverty even as they continue to award themselves millions of dollars in bonuses and benefit increases. Everything would be fine, were it not for the greedy little people who actually do the work - and have the temerity to expect their contract terms to be honored.
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