Friday, October 10, 2014

So what did Ron Heintzman think?

We all know about the falling out that Ron Heintzman had with Bruce Hansen.
We were never informed as to the details of this event.


Al M said...

The problem that we union members face now is that the information is controlled by people who have a vested interest in a yes vote.

To make a truly informed decision we need to know the 'no' vote side of the argument.

That's not how our union works however.

Cwherewetku said...

Heintzman lost his right to his voice after the b.s. he pulled. He just helped to prove to the membership AND TO THE PUBLIC that the old guard is trying to keep union cronyism alive and well. I think he cost more than he helped. Had the roles been reversed, he would have never tolerated the type of behavior he displayed. He needs to retire and STAY RETIRED THIS TIME.

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Let me think for a minute here, Dan Martin quoted on Union Brothers and Sisters about everyone's first amendment right, I think that covers Ron Heintzman also. Obviously cwherewetku is a TriMet lover which could explain why they don't like Ron.
And just tell me what Ron did, let me see the letter states that they had 36 successful meetings with TriMet and oh yeah thats right Ron was a part of the meetings. It is my understanding that Ron wrote most of the proposals that the wage committee sent over to TriMet and once Ron was gone Bruce was lost! That's why the wage committee had VOTED to keep Ron in negotiations. Let's get another thing out there, Bruce Hansen was asked in a Charter meeting if Randy Stedman had asked him to get rid of Ron and the answer was "yes"! So Bruce went against the wage committee in favor of doing what Randy wanted. Ron wouldn't have tolerated the wage committee simply working off of TriMet's proposal, it was the downfall of the negotiations. Ron should come back and run and try to salvage what will be left of our benefits, TriMet is going to come back and gut the rest of what will be left with.

Al M said...

I supported Bruce but now that we see how things have worked out I think we all should be able to hear what Ron had to say about all of this.

If the union ran on democratic principles it wouldn't be a problem.

Let's hear 'all sides' of the argument,not just one side.

I'm worried that Trimet is going to take this 'deal' and use it as a propaganda item also.

This does not appear to be any sort of 'victory' for union members but a 'best we can do' deal.

If its best we can do 'a new era in Trimet union relations' should not happen.

Henry Beasley said...

Well damn.