Saturday, October 11, 2014

The most important part of the 'secret' contract

Trimet's position has been all along to get its front line employees to accept the same health insurance as the office workers. That is 80/20. The fight over the last six years was all about that. Apparently the union has decided that the company was right all along.

You have $1000 worth of medical expenses you pony up $200. $10,000 you pony up $2000 etc etc etc. Fairly low monthly premium, where you get clobbered is if you actually get sick.

This of course completely screws all the people that retired after 1992 because the pensions are relatively low. Retirees don't get to vote on the contract even thought they have probably paid more combined dues to the union than all the current employees.

Unfortunately union transit workers do get sick. Mechanics/yard workers have been inhaling toxic fumes and have been exposed to toxic substances for many years.

Drivers musculoskeletal anatomy has been damaged  and drivers inhale toxic fumes as well as being exposed to every pathogen under the sun.
 Max operators have been exposed to thousands of volts riding in the cab of the light rail vehicles for years.
Working with the public so closely allows for the transmission of infectious diseases.

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