Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trimet workers have been robbed

Although the biased mainstream refuses to cover the story, Trimet retirement pensions are pathetic compared to other public sector workers in Oregon. 

The reason for that was Trimet workers agreed to lower pensions in exchange for the better than PERS health benefits.

ATU757 didn't see Mcfarlane and his gang of thugs coming at them. Mcfarlane takes over and takes to the podium with his "a union contract that is slowly strangling us" bullshit. The media not once explained that those benefits were provided in lieu of a smaller pension.

In one swoop Trimet workers have lost all the cumulative bargaining of all the years before

Now the Trimet retirees of the last 10 years are expected to keep getting that lousy pension but have to add all the standard medical expenses.

Make no mistake, Trimet employees were robbed and the people that robbed them are no better than thieves

PERS retirees are making $50-100k in their retirement years by taking advantage of the PERS work rules. A 30 Trimet union employee high pension would be about $27,000 or about 1/2 what a PERS employee is receiving.

We've been robbed, I can't wait to see what 'deal' our masters have gotten for us'

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