Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While the errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

#78 No service to stops on Kerr Pkwy between Jefferson Pkwy and McNary, due to construction.

#78 Line 78 to Lake Oswego Transit Center. Regular route to Kerr Parkway and Mcnary, left Mcnary, right Monroe, right Boones Ferry, left Country Club and regular route until further notice.
[these are ambiguous as McNary intersects Kerr in two different locations]

#15 Line 15 your route at 44th and Yeon is partially blocked due to semi and emergency vehicles, use caution. Stay to the left as you make your right onto Yeon.

MAX Blue, Green and Red lines may experience delays due to track maintenance work west of NE 82nd Ave Stations between 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Expect possible delays up to 15 minutes. Thanks for your patience.
[there is one station at NE 82nd Ave]

#50 Line 50 A.M. ONLY: Regular route to 90th and Stark, left Stark, right 88th, right Leahy into Taylor to 90th & Regular route.
["into Taylor" and "to 90th" are duplicate as Leahy changes to Taylor at 90th]

#6 Line 6 outbound detour: Regular route to Columbia and 4th, continue Columbia, left 2nd, right Madison and regular route.
[this is the old route which was deemed unsafe]

#20 Line 20 detour - Inbound - Regular route to Burnside and Cesar Chavez right Cesar Chavez around turn about to left Glisan left 28th right Burnside and regular route.
["around turn about"? And once you're in the traffic circle/round about, you can only turn right]

#20 Line 20 detour Outbound Regular route to Burnside and 28th left 28th right Glisan right Caesar Chavez right Burnside and regular route.
[should be "left Burnside"]

#78 update at 7:00pm Line 78 please refer to Item #107 on your hardcopy reroutes & disregard the crossed out section. You need to continue on the construction detour.

The elevator at the Hollywood/NE 42nd Ave Transit Center will be closed for maintenance from 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 26 through 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 27. Riders who need elevator service should connect with trains at Lloyd Center/NE 11th Ave or NE 60th Ave MAX stations.
[But how are those stations helpful as they are far away from Hollywood? It would be better to offer Line 77 between Hollywood and either Rose Quarter or NE 82nd Ave, and maybe Line 12, as alternatives that actually take one to/from Hollywood]

#93 #94 No service to stops in Sherwood south of Langer Drive from 3:15 p.m., due to Sherwood High School Parade.
[hope no one wants to get home down there]

#10 No service to stops on SE Ellis or Harold between at 88th and 102nd.
["between at"?]

#10 Line 10 to 94th and Foster: Regular route to 88th and Ellis, right Ellis, left Foster into Woodstock into Foster, left 102nd, right Harold, & Regular route To Portland: Regular route to 102nd and Harold, left 102nd, right Foster, right 88th, left Ellis, & Regular route.
["right Ellis" should be "right 88th"; also this detour kind of creates a figure eight as buses travel Foster between 92nd and 102nd both on the regular route and on the detour]

#15 Line 15, use caution at your layover at 44th and Yeon, construction vehicles partically blocking layover stop. You should be able to layover at that location.

Portland Streetcar NS line is disrupted due to a derailment in NW Portland. Shuttle buses are serving all stops between NW 10th & Northrup and NW 23rd & Marshall.

Portland Streetcar NS line is disrupted due to a derailment in NW Portland. Shuttle buses are serving stations between NW 10th/Northrop and NW 23rd Ave.
[these two imply that streetcars were starting at NW 23rd Ave which is not possible, and it's Northrup]

Portland Streetcar NS line is disrupted due to a derailment in NW Portland. Shuttle buses are serving all stations on NW Northrop and NW Lovejoy.
[it's Northrup]

#71 Update at 10:50 Line 71 to 94th and Foster: Regular route to 57th and Halsey, Jog right Halsey, left 57th, left Hassalo, right 60th, left Glisan, left 71st, right Halsey and Regular route Until approximately 4:30p.
[this is for going the other direction, and the latter part of it appears to be for Line 77]

#71 #77 Line 71,77 to Troutdale: Regular route to 57th and Halsey, right 57th, left Hassalo, right 60th, left Glisan, left 71st, right Halsey and Regular route Until approximately 4:30p.
[does not work for Line 71]

September 23 to 27 due to construction, board shuttle from 6am until 530pm between OMSI and Stephens.
[there is no streetcar stop at Stephens, it should be MLK and Mill]

Due to construction board shuttle bus between 6am to 530pm.
[no mention that this is only to/from the OMSI stop]

#44 #45 Lines 44 & 45 are detoured INBOUND: line 44 regular route to Capitol and 40th, veer left into 40th, right Multnomah, left 35th, right Capitol & Regular route- Line 45 regular route to Garden Home & 40th, left 40th then follow above for line 44.

#44 #45 Lines 44 & 45 detoured OUTBOUND: Regular route to Troy and 36th, continue Troy, left 40th - line 45 left Garden Home & regular route- line 44 continue 40th into Capitol & regular route- low wire across Capitol on Eastbound land just west of 36th.
[should be "right Garden Home"]

#44 #45 Lines 44 & 45 detoured INBOUND: Line 44 regular route to Capitol and 40th, veer left into 40th - line 45 regular route to Garden Home and 40th, left 40th - both to right Multnomah Blvd, left 35th, right Capitol and regular route.

#4 LINE 4: the Eastbound stop at 160th and Division AND the Westbound stop at 159th and Division are CLOSED permanently for safety reasons. Direct customers to stops either before or after.

Power outage in Rose Quarter has shut down CL service. Bus bridge ordered and will start soon. Check boards for updates.

MAX Blue/Green/Red lines between are disrupted due to a commercial power outage in Rose Quarter area. Expect delays. Shuttle buses are serving stations between Old Town/Union Station and Rose Quarter.
["between are"? And they forgot the Yellow Line.  Also, there aren't any stations between those; it would be better to say "shuttle buses are providing service between" or "shuttle buses are temporarily replacing MAX service between".]

#45 #93 #94 Lines 45, 93 & 94 the detour for Main St in Tigard that has been running from 9-5 is now ALL HOURS ALL DAYS until further notice possibly thru mid Oct - Please use the detour for your respective lines now.

#6 Line 6 Southbound detour: Regular route to I-5 and Marine drive exit, continue I-5 to Delta park exit, left off exit, right Whitaker road, left Hayden Meadows drive, left Union ct veer right to go under freeway, right Vancouver wy & regular route.
[Marine Drive is the signed exit for Delta Park, "left off exit" is wrong and not clear, and "veer right to go under freeway" is both unnecessary, as it is impossible to do anything else there, and incorrect, as MLK is not a freeway]

#35 #36 Corrected - Line 35, 36 Back to regular route in left out.
[their script assumes "L" means "left" and "O" means "out"]

#33 Line 33 outbound ONLY- regular route Main and 9th RT-9th RT-14th RT-Washington LT-5th and regular route until clear.
[9th and 14th don't intersect]

#4 Line 4 westbound regular route to Division and 172nd right 172nd, left Stark, left 148th, right Division and regular route. Due to Police activity. until further notice.
[172nd doesn't exist at Division]

#45 #93 #94 No service to stops on SW Main between SW Commercial and Pacific Hwy. Use stop at Tigard Transit Center.
[ambiguous for Line 94 as it travels Main to/from both intersections of Pacific Hwy, and doesn't have a stop at Tigard TC]

#35 #36 Line 35, 36 Northbound detour Regular route to State and A right 5th right B right 4th and regular route All Days and All Hours and until further notice
[can't turn onto 5th at State and A]

#57 From 6 a.m., Monday, September 22 to 6 a.m., Tuesday, September 23, no service to SW Dennis & Baseline for trips to Beaverton Transit Center. Use temporary stop on SW Dennis at SW Baseline.
[should make it clear that the first "SW Dennis & Baseline" refers to the regular stop and not the intersection]

#57 From 6 a.m., Monday, September 22 to 6 a.m., Tuesday, September 23, no service to SW Oak & Armco Ave. Use stop before.
[what is the stop before?]

#57 Line 57 Westbound: Regular route to TV Hwy and 185th RT-185th LT-Alexander street Lt-187th RT-TV HWY and regular route until clear.
[there is a median blocking left turns onto Alexander]

#4 Line 4 Eastbound detour - Regular route to 92nd and Division right 92nd to Powell left Powell to 119th left 199th to Division right Division and regular route Until further notice.
["left 199th"?]

#4 Line 4 inbound regular route to Division and 119th: LT-119th RT-Powell RT-Freeway entrance to Division LR-Division and regular route, until clear.

#35 LIne 35 for the rest of the service day today going to Portsmouth and Willamette regular route to Natio Prk way and Harrison: continue Natio Prk way LT-Clay RT-6th and regular route.
[Line 35 no longer travels on Naito Pkwy]

#12 Line 12 be to follow your street car detour that should be in your pouch: Regular route to 4th and Bdwy and Caruthers veer left Bdwy right 6th to Mill Regular route.

#9 Change.

#16 No service to SW Oak & 6th due to construction. Use temporary stop at the end of construction fencing at SW 6th.

#35 #36 Lines 35 / 36 your stop at Moody and Meade is closed. 200 feet to the north is a street car temporary stop. please service this stop. Thank you!

#71 Line 71 due to construction at your Southbound stop 122 and Harold please stop prior to the orange barrel to service the stop.

#94 No service to stops SW Main west of Commercial St in Tigard  from 9 am until 3 pm, due to construction. Use temporary stop at Pacific Hwy & Greenburg.
[there's no need for the temporary stop if buses are serving the stops east of Commercial]

#72 Line 72 there is construction on your entrance to the island , it looks blocked but buses can get thru. Please use regular route.

#19 From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, for Rex Loop trips only, no service to SE 32nd & Tolman and SE 32nd & Woodstock in both directions, due to construction.
["Rex Loop" is informal/internal, better to say "for buses serving 32nd and Rex"]

#19 Line 19: Please follow your detour for the rex loop area, due to the route being blocked.

#46 No service to the southbound stop on NE 3rd at E Main may be blocked by construction through Friday September 12.

Monday, September 15 through Sunday, September 21, Portland Streetcar NS Line will be served by shuttle buses between SW 10th & Clay and South Waterfront while crews install track on SW 4th. Riders can board shuttle buses at, across from or near the streetcar platforms. Riders wanting OHSU Commons will board on SW Moody at Gibbs. Three stations will not be served: SW 5th & Montgomery, SW 1st & Harrison southbound and SW Park & Mill. The CL Line will not be affected
[not sure why SW 1st & Harrison southbound wasn't to be served as it was on the route and not in the construction area]

Buses are returning to regular schedule after an earlier fire in the Hillsdale area. Expect possible delays for the next hour as regular service returns.
[no lines were mentioned]

#54 #56 #92 Line 54/56/92 detour due to fire Outbound Regular route to capitol and Barbur Continue barbur right Bertha left Capitol and regular route
[should be left or into Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, not "left Capitol"]

#55 Line 55 detour Regular route to Capitol and Barbur continue Barbur right Bertha right Capitol left Sunset and regular route.
[you can't turn from Bertha Blvd directly onto Capitol]

#6 Line 6. outbound. Regular route to Hayden island drive and Center, continue Hayden island drive, left Pavillon, left Jantzen beach, left Center and layover Northbound. on Center. inbound. just continue north on center, right onramp to I-5.

#70 Due to fire, buses turn around in the gravel lot at the north end of Sunderland, until clear. No service to Columbia River Correctional Center or other stops on Sunderland except for Sunderland & 33rd Dr (Stop ID 11171).

#70 Line 70 detour due to fire: Short line 33 and Sunderand turn around in gravel lot, until clear.
[should mention which end of Sunderland]

#77 Line 77 east bound on Halsey at 159th a low hanging tree branch blocking right lane use caution.

#21 LINE 21 outbound: Regular route to 122nd and Sandy, left 122nd, right Airport Way, right 138th, left Sandy, & Regular route inbound: Regular route to 138th and Sandy, right 138th, left Airport Way, left 122nd, right Sandy, & Regular route until further notice.
[can't turn directly between Sandy and 122nd]

#21 line 21 detour: Eastbound Regular route to Sandy and 122nd, right 122nd , right Whitaker way, right 138th, left Sandy & Regular route;
[should say "right to 122nd nothbound"]

WES Commuter Rail trains are delayed due to power lines sagging over the railroad tracks from an earlier auto collision north of the Tigard TC Station. Shuttle buses will be providing service between Tigard and Beaverton in both directions. Riders should expect delays up to 30 minutes.
[this was a disruption, not a delay]

#70 Line 70: Please use your hardcopy detour on 11/12 by the train tracks near Milwaukie. Item # 99 until further notice.
[should be clear that it's Milwaukie Ave and not the city]

#45 #93 #94 Trips departing Tigard Transit Center will not serve the southwest-facing stops on Main St at Commercial and Burnham and at 12500 SW Main St until further notice, due to construction.
[Line 94 doesn't depart Tigard TC, but I like how they put "southwest-facing"]

#45 #93 #94 Lines 45, 93 & 94 the Main street in Tigard from Commercial Southbound to 99W is closed due to construction - use Main street north from Commercial to 99th west to get around this until further notice.

#20 Line 20 the stop on Stark at 151st Westbound only is closed until aprox 4 pm today for fire hydrant installation - plz use caution - only one lane open in center lane.

#12 #93 Lines 12 & 93. outbound. only. regular route to Pac Hwy and Hall, left Hall, right Scoffins, left Main and regular route.
#12 #93 UPDATE Lines 12 & 93. Back to regular route at Pac hwy and Hall. Truck is out of the way.
[these should have been for Line 94 and not 93 as it doesn't go to Hall]

CL Line disrupted due to downed tree onto the the overhead wire; shuttle buses providing service between SW 10 and Market to OMSI; expect delays.
[should say "along the entire line", and there wasn't a reason for buses to go down 10th and 11th Aves]


Al M said...

Always apologizing. Too bad some of those mistakes actually gets operators lost and strands riders

Jason McHuff said...

And I note "they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them".