Saturday, May 12, 2018

Control-Dispatch May 11

Quick scan

Max fails

Bus fails

The director and the manager NIXED The Whole thing
Priority. Man out in intersection
Riders screaming at each other
Loud verbal. Very loud and obnoxious
Always trespassing
Baby 👶 stroller criminal. Dispatch says send loud verbal not sit there
I messed up I turned at the first transit instead of going to second one
Deters will provide support
There goes his on time performance
Left crew keys behind
Left transit center early. Dispatch says go back
Priority-low hanging wire
BackPack on tracks
Attention all bus drivers
Lemar was passed up
Great radio
Bus driver having problems with other bus driver
Mattresses near tracks
It’s a mob scene. Not having fun
Bus driver thinks wanted woman was on his bus
Driver doesn’t know route
School bus blocking trimet
Not having fun
Person at door of bus asking for medical
Sleeper in shelter 😂
Bus driver has to use restroom
Loud and mouthy
Priority-bus stop issues
Travails of the lift driver
💩💩💩💩 In pants
TVM fail
Woman got hurt on bus by wheelchair
We banged everywhere and he’s still not waking up
Delivery truck keeps blocking bus
Nervous laugh guy 
Didn’t read reroute 
Stuck in traffic for 16minutes

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