Thursday, May 10, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 9

Junk buses, signs, cads ,printers, etc etc He sent priority 😂😂😂

Light rail fails. All causes

Cancelling runs
He’s threatening and I don’t want give him a ride. 911not answering
Kids on tracks
Urinated in front of everybody on the bus
More piss
Driver losing it
Fall on train
Hit a cone
Supervisor says nothing wrong with the bus
Woman with walker gonna get kicked off mayhem ensues
Deters can’t bust them
No extra work wanted
Bus driver not happy with bus driver and there’s no extras of course
Kids going wild and hit rider in the head with a pen
Silent alarm, just noise
Lost and confused
3young boys kicked off bus says customer service-long story
Garbage nobody around
Juli wants chocolate
Trying to bust graffiti bandits Cops don’t care
Ada, max
Throwing things at buses
Travails of the lift drivers
Pedestrian walk sign is smashed
We have homeless people around here
Need police for this guy
60 minutes down
Talk a little quieter, too many reroutes. New dispatcher
Prevent mutiny
Travails. Do not let riders use restroom in route
Gas company blocking
Jury duty
Loud verbal. No fare. Blah blah
The victim is on the bus
A fine trimess
What’s he doing

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