Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 15 (15:20-24:00)

Assorted light rail fails Pantograph ok Doors Signals Train stops

Assorted bus fails Stop engine Malfunction indicator Seatbelt alarm Diesel fluid Cad Low coolant No air Low coolant Gate arms

Wanted man had knife on bus
Man need ambulance on max platform on his knees
He opened a 🍻beer on my bus
She’s saying racist comments to people
She’s in the grass behind the fence. Always trespassing
Max vs car. Or not
Man who stole purse is sighted
Bus rider threatening other bus riders
Bike locked on bus stop pole
Cops looking for someone on max platform
People holding max doors because they think someone needs help
Power goes out everywhere
He grabbed the side of the bus
I don’t know where to go
Bus driver wants bus driver to pick up people
Asian women with shopping carts
Man standing on tracks and won’t move
Verbal argument on max
She’s swearing and yelling
No point waiting for cops
Stumbling around with eyes closed
She walked in front of the bus and won’t move
She wants me to call the cops because she’s lost
Bus driver forgets his wallet
Lloyd center express on head sign
Road supervisor forget his phone
Man falls on  bike on rack

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