Sunday, May 13, 2018

Control/Dispatch May 13 (00:00-15:11)

Assorted Max fails

Assorted Bus fails

Travails of the lift driver
Priority. Road closed
Fall on max platform
How do I request a break?
The blue guy+trash can on tracks
Parks department vs trimet
Max driver complains about homeless
Drum clicking and huge air horn on bus
Smoking weed on the max
Bus driver says cars are blocking him in
He was ignorant and threatening
Bus window gets shattered
Smelly bus rider
Microphone comes down on operators head
Garbage on seat in train
Man In wheelchair distraught
Someone threw something at the bus
Always trespassing
Herb Hansen
Traffic sign on an island
Bottles on max platform
Camper in shelter+man touching woman
I’ve got a guy going crazy and a woman in a wheelchair down
Priority. Woman causing problems

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