Monday, May 28, 2018

Guest post by Chris Day

Not happy with Deke... He is not appearing as impartial..

I posted this because I do not feel he is being impartial…

This post is to get the attention of “Deke N Blue”. Deke sent candidates a set of 10 questions stating that he wants to give you (Candidates) another avenue to share your (Candidate) views moving forward and that “I must remain impartial to stay true to my blog’s purpose”. I submitted my answers to him and he posted them with the headline of “ATU CANDIDATE PROFILE – Chris Day”. The next Candidate to submit questions that he posted was Gordon Duncan with the heading of “VP Candidate Profile: Gordon Duncan”. The most current Candidate to submit answers to his questions that he posted was Henry Beasley with the headline of “Henry Beasley: Presidential Candidate”. I addressed the difference in the headings and requested that all candidates should be addressed the same so it would not show partiality towards any candidates and he responded with “Oh dear. People won’t choose based on that whatsoever. It’s how you present your positions. I stand by my decision”.

I have made this post because I feel it is important that members see what types of discussions take place when addressing candidates and the attempts to assure true impartial treatment of candidate by those who are stating that they are presenting an impartial format to members. Even though differences in Headline is not a big thing it is still a thing that is presented different towards candidates running for the same position. When one ATU757 President Candidate is addressed as ATU Candidate while another ATU757 President Candidate is addressed as Presidential Candidate how is that being impartial?

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