Sunday, May 27, 2018

Control Dispatch May 25 (11:00-24:00)

quick scan. No mechanical failures either.

3 hot and sleeper
Priority. Man passed out
Gang situation and crazy man on bus
Bus rider being ridiculously disrespectful
Fall not on bus
Nut job lying down on the tracks
Priority. Biohazard
Woman in scooter is rude and called him an ass. Driver had enough
Bus doors close by themselves hitting rider
Irate bus rider upsets driver
Priority. 2males yelling and they attacked someone
Taking a stroll on the tracks on the trimet bridge
Scary trespasser
Max hard stop
Crazy. Sorry police won’t respond to this sort of thing
Priority. Street is closed
I tapped the corner I got a p.a. Here
Bus driver needs break
Wanted man was on bus but got off
She’s hitting herself in the head and her pants are falling down
$20into fare box
Doesn’t want break
Lift driver on insulin pump
Missed stop
Bus driver with bug up his ass and can’t figure out that nothing will be done
Big ruckus in the bus
She’s unstable now she’s sleeping
Extra service missing
Rider with chest pains
Everything is shut down
Doesn’t know difference between irq and rose quarter
Silent alarm. Can’t hear much but there is something happening

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